Participez au Mondial de Fondue à Tartegnin! Prochaine édition du 15 au 17 novembre 2019.

Participants and judges

Who can take part?
– Professionals who work in the food industry: restaurateurs or cheese-makers for example.
– Amateurs who wish to enter their own recipes.

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Evening of opening

Crazy night MAD in Tartegnin with Igor Blaska. Disco 80′, 90′ & current Hits !

MAD in Tartegnin

The volunteers

We needs you!

Registration opens at the beginning of September.

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You know how to cook Cheese Fondue, but can your recipe prove best in the world? Take on the challenge by participating in the world’s global fondue competition.

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The village of Tartegnin

The world’s third fondue competition will take place in the village of Tartegnin, Switzerland. Situated between Geneva and Lausanne, the village offers the perfect surrounding for the event steeped in the best of Swiss tradition.

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Gruyère AOP

Le Gruyère AOP – A cheese of tradition…

AOP, the mark of quality produce…
Le Gruyère owes its richness and characteristic flavour to prime-quality raw milk, taken from cows fed grass in summer and hay in winter, and made according to the refined taste of master cheese-makers.

Le Gruyère AOP makes a banquet

Le Gruyère AOP is a delicacy of the cheese board and is a base ingredient of both hot and cold savoury meals. In any case, fondue just isn’t fondue without Gruyère AOP.

Mondial de Fondue