Selection process

The preselections and the finale

The competition will be feature professionals and amateurs proving themselves in the opening preselections, then the category leaders will have to prove themselves in the evening’s finale. Fondues will be judged by both a professional and an amateur jury of fondue-lovers.

The fondues will be judged impartially, based on a tasting with the same bread and according to five criterias: taste, visual appearance, consistency, authenticity and general impression. Participants will be given a nominal score for their Fondue, with the 20 being maximum number of points awarded.

The preselections will take place in the morning (11h – 15h) in the cellars, courtesy of the wine-makers of Tartegnin. The participant with the best mark in their category and their respective cellar will make it through to the finale.

In the afternoon (18-19h) the finale will take place under the cantine. The finalist’s fondues will be judged by the professional jury and the first three in each category will have the chance to win a prize provided by the partners of the competition.