Competition rules

Participants must cook a cheese fondue for four people (800g) with the provided equipment (hot-plate and caquelon-pot) made with at least 50% Gruyère AOP.

They must bring all the necessary ingredients for the preparation for two fondues: one for the qualifying round and the other for the finale. Participants will receive a free apron bearing the name of the contest upon entering.

Authorised ingredients

In addition to Gruyère AOP (at least 50%), participants can add their own choice of cheese(s) and any of the ingredients listed below: potato starch, flour, liquor or distilled alcohol, wine, beer, cider, mustard, garlic, bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice.

The use of any other ingredients must be declared before the contest commences, and will be approved by organisers based on the criteria that the fondue must conserve the essential taste of cheese.

Download the complete rules of the 2017 competition. (French version)